SARMs - is a selective androgen receptor modulators, which are able to bind with male sex hormones - androgens, and interact with them.

The successful development of SERM drugs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) provided the impetus to the development of drugs that interacts only with the androgen receptors. The main task in developing of SARMs drugs was reducing the testosterone effects on the prostate. Initially, these drugs were intended for the hormone replacement therapy or the prevention of muscle mass loss that is associated with age-related changes and diseases.

Nowadays, an SARMs group drugs is using in medicine for treatment of osteoporosis, muscle atrophy and cardiometabolic disorders associated with obesity.

SARMs drugs have a high popularity in the world of the sport, due to its properties. SARMs is using in athletics, strength sports, bodybuilding, etc. In addition, SARMs drugs in a short time allows to gain muscle mass, increase strength and endurance performance, increase the reaction rate and reduce the recovery time. The important feature of SARMs, is that the drugs are not exposed to enzyme converting of testosterone into other compounds with undesirable effects for health: also drugs do not cause any gynecomastia for male gender and virilization for the female gender.

The usage of SARMs in recommended dosage does not cause any side effects or damage to liver.

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