Sublingual peptides

sublingual peptidesThe efficiency of peptides in the form of sublingual drops is comparable in its effect to the injectable dosage form, yielding only 2-5% of its efficiency, which is compensated by usablity and comfort. The high degree of bioavailability of a sublingual form of the peptide is associated with the principle of entering the bloodstream: the peptide is absorbing into subliangual epithelium through the buccal mucosa, where the blood vessel density is very high. In addition this method allowing the fastest deliver of the peptide to the venous circulation.

This form of use of peptides has the following advantages:

  • rapid therapeutic effect;
  • high degree of bioavailability;
  • convenient dosing;
  • ultimate level of comfort in using.

Storage of the peptide drug in solution formulation for sublingual administration results in reduced stability of the active ingredient that provides a lower period of use of two years and requires a special temperature regimen of +8-10 °C.