Liquids peptides

Liquids peptidesThe injectable dosage form is more effective than other ways of administration of peptides into the body. It shows the most powerful and long-term effect. The high degree of purification ensures high efficiency.

Injection way of administration of the peptide drug has the following advantages:

  • Quick action and complete bioavailability of the peptide;
  • Accuracy and convenience of dosing;
  • Non-effect of gastrointestinal secretions and liver enzymes.

Recommendations on dilution and storage of peptides:

  • You should store undiluted peptide in a dark place, away from the sunlight;
  • You should dilute it only in sterile water for injection;
  • Prepared solution should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2-6 degrees;
  • Don’t store the prepared solution over 7-10 days.

All bottles are sterile! It is recommended to use a new insulin syringe every time.