Molecular formula: C3418H5188N928O1062S38

Molar Mass: 77489.8157

Efficacy: Myostatin inhibitor

Purity (HPLC): 98,6%

Specification: 1mg/vial

ACE-031 (ActRIIB-HFC, ACVR2B, Ramatercept) is a peptide drug based on a solution of extracellular elements of the ActRIIB receptor. These decoy receptors circulate outside the muscle fiber membrane and bind to myostatin. Thus, ACE-031 reduces the amount of myostatin that can bind to the native receptor (ActRIIB) on the membrane by preventing the delivery of a signal that restricts muscle growth.

The drug was developed with the purpose to treat muscular atrophy disorders. For athletes, ACE-031 is of value in promoting muscle growth and muscle quality.

For research purposes only.