Advantages of peptides

The answer to the question of what is needed to develop new peptide, if you have already invented a synthetic growth hormone, is simple, because all peptide stimulants have several advantages:

  • The peptides are much cheaper than the growth hormone;
  • They have different mechanisms influencing the body and there are differences in their half-life that allows someone to work with concentrations;
  • They have different influence on the feeling of hunger and metabolism in humans.

Peptides have been used for a long time, and in principle, adverse events haven’t been revealed. However, some of possible adverse reactions to the drug should be noted (especially when being significantly overdosed):

  • Strong headache;
  • Recurrent fatigue;
  • Increased pressure;
  • Reduced attention;
  • Skin swelling and itching after injections;
  • Solid oval indurations under the skin (hematoma) after injections.